Sunday, May 16, 2010

Simple Baby Blanket Tutorial

I made this baby blanket for an upcoming baby shower.  It is incredibly simple but I love the results so I thought I would share! I found the adorable animal fabric here.   I have some left over so I'm going to make some matching burp cloths and  maybe a changing pad!   The animals are also perfect size to cut out and applique onto a onesie.  

Materials for Blanket:
1.5 yards focus fabric (front)
1.5 yards minky fabric (back)
1.5 yards batting (optional) (I used warm and natural)
coordinating thread
template (I used newspaper, and it ended up being 30"x40".  If you want your blanket smaller you could probably get away with only getting 1 yard of each fabric)

Wash and dry fabrics and make sure they are wrinkle free before you start.
Lay out the batting, Lay the back fabric on top with the right side up and then lay the front fabric on top with the right side facing down.    Make sure everything is smooth and there are no lumps in the fabric layers.

 Lay template on top and place fabric weights on top to keep template from shifting.  make sure template is square to the fabric so the pattern  on the fabric isn't crooked.

Cut around template and remove it.  Pin around the sides to keep the fabrics from moving about while you sew.

Now you will sew around the edge with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Back stitch at the beginning and again in 10 inches then finish sewing all the way around.  Place pins to mark where you back stitched so you can find it again.

Press the seam open in between where you back stitched.  Doing this will make it easier to slip stitch the opening closed after to turn the blanket.

After you press the seam open, take you're seam rippers and take out the seam(in between where you back stitched and pressed open the seam).

Turn the blanket right side out.  Smooth and press the edges.  Now slip stitch the opening closed.  This is where you thank me for having you press this seam open because it makes a world of difference at this stage (you can use this method on most things that require you to leave an opening for turning!!) just follow the creases where the initial seam was while you slip stitch.  Top stitch 1/4 inch around the edge.  I used my quilters foot but you don't have to.
**I do not have pictures for this but I do recommend tacking the quilt to keep the layers from shifting about.**

Now you have the perfect blanket for your little one!  Or a quick baby shower present!


  1. Love this! Great tutorial! I shared it on Momspiration Monday.

  2. When I sew with minkee it makes my sewing machine behave badly. After I switch back to sewing on cotton the tension is off and adjusting it doesn't help. I use a stretch needle and my walking foot. Any ideas? Do you ever have problems? Thank-you!

  3. I need a simple baby gift, I can handle this one. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for this tutorial, I had never before thought to go ahead and sew and backstitch and press the area for turning. I will try this next time...

  5. Great tutorial! I want one in adult size. :)

  6. I made one! Your tutorial was SUPER helpful. Mine isn't as perfect as yours - I'm still trying to master sewing in a straight line haha! But it turned out pretty cute anyhow. Thanks for such a great tutorial!

  7. Hi, I love your pattern. Please, what is the official name ig the blue fabric?
    Thanks, Michaela

  8. Michaela- If you are referring to the animal fabric it is ALEXANDER HENRY 2DZOO POOL. I'm not sure what the 'official' name of the minky fabric is. You can find it by the chenille fabrics in most fabric stores- I believe this one was from Joanns. I've even seen it at Mardens for much cheaper!

  9. Love this blanket! I hope to make one, but had a quick question. Do you ever have problems with the layers shifting/bunching after use/washing? I feel like the layers should be quilted down together, but is that not necessary? Thanks!

  10. Lucy- I don't have any issues with the layers shifting since it is a pretty small blanket. You may want to tack them together or hand quilt it but you may have issues trying to quilt it by machine because the minky fabric is stretchy. If you leave the batting layer out I don't think that would be necessary at all.

  11. I just made one for my baby! Thanks for the tutorial! Here's a link if you want to see:

  12. Thank you so much for this tutorial! (I found you via Pinterest.) This is my very first baby blanket ever and I am so in love with it!

  13. This is lovely :) I just found a link to it on pinterest, thank you :D

  14. I loved your baby blanket so much, I had to make one! I linked it up here:

  15. I adore minky, especially for baby's/children's blankets. I never thought to use newspaper as my cutting guide or template. what an awesome idea! I'm definitely going to have to use that next time. Thanks for sharing. :)

    I shared this as part of a list of my favorite baby tutorials and things. :)

  16. I just made this during naptime today for my daughter's birthday and it was very simple! It's not perfect, but really not too bad for my first blanket ever. The only thing I had to improvise was the slip stitch because I didn't know what that was. Still, you can hardly see it.


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