Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grocery Bag Dispencer Tutorial

You will need:
1 cloth napkin (the one I used was 18" x 18")
1/2 yard coordinating fabric for trim and backing
1/4" elastic (2 lengths of 8" each)

First, cut off the hems of your napkin on all 4 sides.

Backing: Napkin width x napkin length plus 4"
Trim- Napkin width x 2.5"
Casing- Napkin width x 1.5"
**NOTE: Napkin measurements are measured AFTER you remove the hems**

Save the best looking hem piece and cut to 8" in length.  This will be what you hang your dispenser from.  Use a tight zigzag stitch and sew down the raw edge to prevent fraying.

Sew trim pieces to the top and bottom of the napkin.  Zigzag in the seam allowance and then press the seam in (toward the napkin.) 

Top stitch catching the seam allowance as you go.

Place napkin with trim over the backing, wrong sides together

pin all around the sides.  I used safety pins to pin the middle to keep it from shifting during sewing, like you would a quilt!

Now sew a straight line from end to end every inch or so.  This picture is of the back.

Press casing pieces in half, wrong sides together.  Pin to the right side of trim pieces with the raw edges aligned.

Sew together and zigzag in the seam allowance.  Press seams in.  Fold the hem piece you saved earlier and fold in half.  Position 1/4" in and 1" from side and pin.  Top stitch on trim, just above casing, catching the casings seam allowance and attaching the hang loop as you go.  I like to back stitch over the hang loop so it is more secure.

Attach a small safety pin to the end of one of the lengths of elastic and insert into one of the casing until the end is even with the raw edge of the casing.

Sew this end to secure the elastic and then continue pushing the safety pin through to the other side just until the end meets the other raw edge and pin in place.  Sew this end as well.  Do this to both casings.
Pin sides, right sides together.  Sew and zigzag in seam allowance.

Turn right side out and stuff with your grocery bags!

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