Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day at the Lake

I am loving all this beautiful weather!!   We had another fun day at the lake.  Ava loved splashing around in her new baby float.  If you have a little one, I totally recommend you get one of these.  I got this one at Target for about 12 dollars.  I think the box said it's for ages 9 to 24 months.
I forgot to pack Ava's swim suit as you can see.. I remembered everything else though! Right down to the swim diapers and water shoes!..  I swear, my brain has gone to mush. She doesn't mind though. :)

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  1. My mom is from Sweden and thought it was awful that Americans make the kids wear diapers and suits as babies. I didn't think anything of her sitting like that. lol I loved those floaties. We don't have a pool or lake, but my friends met once a week with our kids. I could enjoy the water and not have to hold my daughter all the time. She's 13 now! The time goes so fast, it's good to see you enjoying your daughter. Good Luck with your son's arrival. Katharine


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