Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 New Patterns Coming Soon!

Holy smokes, have I been busy!  I have 2 new patterns in the works. One of which will be great for Fall...
and a lovely little sundress!
Throw a sweater over it and it too could be great for Fall! I'm really very sorry for even mentioning the word Fall... Is Summer really almost over already?!

If you noticed, my little model isn't wearing the dresses.  She has been pretty sick this past week.  We took her to the doc's a couple days ago and apparently she has a virus that started as upper respiratory but end up lower respiratory.   We have been doing nebulizer treatments every few hours and it's really seaming to help! She still has an awful cough but her breathing is much less labored. 
She is being such a good sport about the whole thing! 

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