Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Lovely Dress

 Now Available in my Etsy Shop! 
"The Lovely Dress" PDF Pattern
snap closure on one of the straps.
I purchased the fabric for the dress shown a while back from fresh squeezed fabrics and I must say it looks way better in person.  It looks like they are out of it right now.   It is by Erin McMorris from the Wildwood collection.   I will most definitely be ordering more soon!


  1. I love your new Lovely dress pattern ... I think I might have to get that one next ... lol ... I am really enjoying the Bella pattern & I have made probaly 5 dresses @ 2 shirts for my little girl using it .. Great Job Rachel on making the patterns !!! They are super simple to follow ..

  2. That sure is a lovely dress! Too bad I don't have a daughter (or any nieces!) to spoil with such a pretty dress. I admire your ability to make something so beautiful. :)

  3. I wanted to purchase your 2 pattern deal on etsy for $8 but after I added it to my cart I got the following message (from google chrome) 'The server's security certificate is not valid'....I would love to purchase the charlotte and lovely dress patterns...but I cannot .... please help!!


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