Monday, August 2, 2010

Mini-Vacation to NH/MA

Can anyone believe the awesome summer we've had?  The weather has been perfect up here in Maine.  A little hot at times but I can't complain.   We spent last weekend in New Hampshire visiting family.   We discovered this sweet little farm just across the boarder in Mass called Parlee Farms.  If you have small children you would love it! 
There are goats to feed..

and a beautiful field of flowers for picking..

They had a really nice shop with homemade blueberry doughnuts(yum!), jams and jellies made from the fruits they grow right there on the farm.  They had acres and acres of land which they grow everything from pumpkins to peaches.   The price it right too(FREE!).  You only pay to feed the animals which is 25 cents in one of those crank machines or if you want to pick some fruit or flowers.

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