Saturday, May 28, 2011

Butterfly Pillowcase

My 2 year old has decided she needs a pillow on her bed now in order to go to sleep.  We didn't have any extras around the house so I gave her one from our bed. .. Unfortunately for my husband, I am 9 months pregnant and have been hogging all the pillows lately... leaving him with 1 (he usually uses 3!)  So I bought Ava her own pillow the other day!  I looked at the pillowcases at Walmart and they cost as much as the pillow! They were all just solid colors and the fabric wasn't very soft at all!

I made this butterfly pillowcase yesterday in less than an hour and I love how it came out!  I even used french seams so there are no exposed seams (fancy, eh?)  The fabrics are both by Michael Miller and oh so soft!

 I think she likes it! :)


  1. What beautiful colors! Love it -- definitely wanting a nap right now. (Clicked over here from your ad on Craftoholics Anonymous. Your blog name is super catchy :) )

  2. What a lovely pillowcase! I would make one for my daughter but she is a winnie the pooh fanatic. I'm not sure she'd take kindly to my replacing her piglet one.



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