Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4 months already!

Life has been pretty crazy the last few months ..4 to be exact.. :)  Eli has been a very sensitive baby.. A few weeks after he was born we came to find out he has both a cows milk intolerance and reflux! I had to eliminate all dairy from my diet since I was breastfeeding which was way harder than I had anticipated!! 
The pediatrician said I couldn't even substitute with soy because it's the same type of protein.  
Because he has been so uncomfortable he only sleeps for very short stretches.  The doc has put him on Zantac (terrible I know!) and he seems to be doing much better now.  I feel bad that I have to medicate him already but the poor guy was miserable!  
So anyway, I am slowly getting him on a sleep schedule now so my days are much less chaotic and stressful.  Ava is doing so wonderful adjusting to having a little brother around -Thank goodness!

check out all that baby drool! hah


  1. Our Lucy was allergic to dairy and soy, too, and my partner had to give up both; extremely hard, especially since she's a cheese-loving vegetarian! We found unsweetened coconut milk was the best (yummiest, most similar) substitute for milk (same for coconut creamer) and relied heavily on coconut oil rather than butter. It gets easier and easier! You're doing a wonderful thing.

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