Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Baby Turns THREE!


This post is a little late in the making since she turned 3 over a month ago but here it is! We had a very bizarre couple of weeks up here in Maine in the middle of March.  The weather was beeeautiful with temps in the high 70's! So we were able to have a little BBQ out back for Ava's birthday party (never again, I'm sure!)  I made her a huge 5 layer rainbow cake since she's obsessed with rainbows lately.  I've seem a bazillion rainbow cakes floating around on Pinterest so I thought I'd give it a shot.  It came out fantastic!..If I do say so myself.. :)  I used this cake recipe which was soo delicious! *TIP:  make sure you evenly divide the batter between all six bowls first, not as you go (duh) I ran out so I didn't have enough for the purple layer!! darn. 


Ava got her first haircut before her party.  She was actually really excited!  She said she wanted it to be like Cinderella's hair.  I told her how pretty it was when she was done and she said "'s not yellow..."  hah

Her dada took her to Build-A-Bear in the morning and she got a little tye-dye bunny with a couple of outfits. 

The cake was so big we only put a wee little dent in it so Joe took it to work for his co-workers! I always make him take the left over sweets to work so I don't sit here during the day and finish them off myself!

This was her big present.  A Little Tykes trampoline from her Meme and Grampy.  Now if the weather would get nice again she could actually use it!  Here's Eli trying it out:

Our good friend took a few pictures of the big girl at a local park for us. (Thanks Joe!!)

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